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Decid/Evergreen Deciduous Evergreen Semi Deciduous
Growth Rate Fast Medium Slow
Soil * Light Medium Heavy
Heavy Clay * No Yes
Poor Soil * No Yes
Nitrogen Fixer No Yes
PH * Acid Neutral Base
Acid * No Yes
Alkaline * No Yes
Saline * No Yes
Shade * Full Semi None
Moisture * Dry Moist Wet or Boggy Water
Well Drained * Yes No
Tolerates Drought * Yes No
Wind * Light Medium
Tolerates Pollution * Yes No

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Latin nameCommon name
Phyllanthus rotundifolius
Glochidion hohenackeri
Breynia fruticosa
Glochidion comitum
Glochidion cordatum
Glochidion candolleanum
Glochidion phyllanthoides
Glochidion velutinum
Breynia disticha
Laportea interrupta
Glochidion seemannii
Glochidion daltonii
Glochidion obscurum
Phyllanthus bojerianus
Glochidion lanceolarium
Breynia cernua
Glochidion marianum
Glochidion sphaerogynum
Breynia officinalis
Glochidion glomerulatum
Phyllanthus profusus
Glochidion littorale
Phyllanthus leucanthus
Sauropus villosus
Glochidion acuminatum
Breynia vitis-idaea
Glochidion puberum
Phyllanthus fraternus
Glochidion zeylanicum
Glochidion concolor
Glochidion rubrum
Glochidion philippicum
Glochidion eriocarpum
Phyllanthus matitanensis
Phyllanthus maderaspatensis
Phyllanthus nummulariifolius
Phyllanthus volkensii
Phyllanthus niruroides
Phyllanthus marianus
Phyllanthus mittenianus
Phyllanthus oxyphyllus
Phyllanthus pentandrus
Phyllanthus betsileanus
Phyllanthus leucocalyx
Phyllanthus hutchinsonianus
Phyllanthus polyphyllus
Phyllanthus niruri
Phyllanthus gomphocarpus
Sauropus androgynus Sweet Leaf
Phyllanthus fischeri
Phyllanthus sublanatus
Phyllanthus sepialis
Phyllanthus amarus
Phyllanthus welwitschianus
Phyllanthus somalensis
Phyllanthus odontadenius
Phyllanthus kaessneri
Phyllanthus fuscoluridus
Phyllanthus madagascariensis
Phyllanthus ciccoides
Phyllanthus ovalifolius
Phyllanthus virgatus
Phyllanthus seyrigii
Phyllanthus pulcher
Phyllanthus urinaria
Phyllanthus engleri
Baccaurea javanica
Caesalpinia major Mato Amarillo
Phyllanthus casticum
Adenostemma viscosum Dung Weed
Funtumia elastica West African Rubber Tree
Desmodium incanum
Phyllanthus reticulatus
Orthosiphon aristatus Java Tea
Bischofia javanica Java Cedar
Physalis angulata Cutleaf Ground Cherry
Phyllanthus muellerianus
Terminalia bellirica Myrobalan
Terminalia chebula Black Myrobalan

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